Welcome, it's so great to see you! I'm Magda, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant - and I'm here to listen to your child's sleep story. Multiple night wakes, 5am starts, short naps, bedtime battles, replugging the dummy all night, hours spent rocking or feeding to sleep? There's a lot in store for parents and it can all be very exhausting.

How about making sleep a pleasant, anticipated and consistent part of your family life? How about giving your baby, toddler or preschooler a lifelong skill and teaching them what you already know - that sleep is a thing to love!

You may have tried already, or perhaps you just don't know where to start. Child sleep is a complex matter and the amount of information and opinions out there is overwhelming. Let me give you the right answers, fuel your confidence and be your game changer.

If you are to sign up for a life changing (or at least sleep changing!) experience,  you want to be in the right hands. I invite you to schedule a 15 minutes free introduction call: let's connect and see if we're on the same wavelength!

Family services

Short Story

A single consultation for parents who need the right answers to their questions – or for expectant parents who want to get prepared for their new sleep chapter.

Full Story

The ultimate package including the consultation, personalised sleep plan and 2 weeks of daily support to get you up and running, or rather down and sleeping!

Mid Story

A single consultation followed by a fully tailored written sleep plan, to account for your individual circumstances and set you up for the better sleep journey.

Your story changes here

“Magda was a fantastic help, a life saver! She helped us get our year and a half old twins to sleep regularly, (…) they are healthier and happier and really that’s the main thing.”

Lynne, Mum of Aille and Nuada (16 months)
“Magda was amazing and incredibly patient. Our 15 month old son could not sleep in the room without us (…). We can’t get over how quickly he was able to adapt to the routine Magda set.”
Sophie, Mum of Tom (15 months)

“Magda and her training completely changed our family. (…) Absolute professional and compassionate, always available, she helped us and in less than couple of days our daughter was falling asleep alone and sleeping 11-12 hours straight. I couldn’t recommend her more! Thanks Magda!”

Matteo, Dad of Mia (18 months)

“We’ve just had a fabulous night and I feel so refreshed! Having your guidelines has taken a lot of the confusion out. I feel like I’m learning so much about my baby through doing this – it is priceless!”

Michela, Mum of Róisín (5 months)

“After months of getting up in the night it feels amazing to be getting a good sleep every night. The solution was much easier than we imagined, we just wish we’d contacted you sooner!”

Karen, Mum of Rosalie (14 months)

“Working with Magda has literally changed our lives as a family. Oscar now sleeps throughout the night and has two very restful naps a day…in his own room! He now greets us with a big smile after every sleep which is an amazing sight! Magda has helped us build our confidence as parents to become more in tune with our son’s sleep needs.”

Karen, Mum of Oscar (8 months)

“I am in awe of how Magda struck the balance between giving me gentle permission to take things at our own pace, while also gentle encouraging on. I completely know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this alone or with a book. Magda was amazing!”

Anne Marie and John, parents of Max and Flynn (8 months)

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