Every child and every story is different – but everyone needs good sleep. When it becomes a challenge, reaching out for professional help to sleep better as a family is such a good choice.  I offer 3 simple Sleep Story family packages that suit every sleep need, plus there's also the Sleep Story Seminar for businesses.  Find out more below and contact me if you need help assessing which package is right for you. A 15 minutes free Introduction Call is a great way to start!

Full Sleep Story

Is your family sleep upside down?

With this ultimate package I’m helping families with 4 months - 5 years old children completely rewrite their sleep story. Here’s how it works:

  • I get to know you and your child thanks to the INTAKE FORM you submit.
  • We meet for a CONSULTATION online to explain issues, clarify goals and agree on the ultimate approach.
  • I create a personalised PLAN – it takes into account your child’s age, developmental stage, personality, but also your values and parenting style.
  • I set up and track your SLEEP STORY LOG for real-time support and troubleshooting.
  • Every day FOR TWO WEEKS I SUPPORT YOU in putting the plan into action. I virtually hold your hand!
  • At the end of our time together I equip you with NOTES ON WHAT TO EXPECT in your child’s sleep future.

Cost: €345

Short Sleep Story

You just have a few questions and you want the right answers, right now? Need help to sleep better again or prepare for a challenging time?

During this single online/phone consultation we can talk about the aspects of your child’s sleep that you are particularly concerned with. Thanks to the Intake Form you submit prior to the meeting we make the most of our time together and I am able to give you personalised advice. Tired of the 5am wake ups? Expecting another baby? Nap fights suddenly taking over your day?  Ask me anything: you, me, one hour, go!

Cost: €99

New Sleep Story

Are you expecting a baby or already cradling your sweet new arrival?

Sleep will soon become one the priorities for your family, so let me help you get ready. During this online meeting (90 minutes) we will cover everything about sleep in the first year of your child’s life, including:

  • Sleep safety
  • Foundations of healthy sleep habits
  • Age-appropriate expectations
  • Naps and transitions
  • Regressions
  • Your questions!

This package is a thoughtful baby shower gift that will set parents up for sleep success!

Cost: €120 per family.

Sleep Story Seminar for Businesses

Many responsible businesses today support work-life balance, offer regular health checks and encourage their employees to be physically active. They recognise it’s necessary to look after the people that create the corporate family and work towards the company’s success. Thumbs up if that's your workplace!

Good or bad sleep has an impact on many aspects of life, but the simple dependence is easy to spot – parents are not in top performance form when they are sleep deprived due to their family sleep challenges. Tiredness and irritability lead to lowered creativity and reduced productivity.  After a while all week feels as tough as that 9am meeting on Monday morning! In the long run, the parents’ physical and mental health can be compromised.

As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, I offer the Sleep Story Seminar for your employees who seek support in helping their children sleep better. In a relaxed atmosphere I educate on healthy sleep habits and talk about the most common issues and solutions. Most importantly, I answer their specific questions during the one-to-one mini sessions.

Ask your employees today if they are interested in improving their family sleep habits and getting professional help to sleep better. Get in touch to discuss the details of a tailored seminar for your corporate family!