Sleep Story for Businesses

Many responsible businesses today support work-life balance, offer regular health checks and encourage their employees to be physically active. They recognise it’s necessary to look after the people that create their corporate family and work towards the company’s success. Thumbs up if that's your workplace!

Good or bad sleep has an impact on many aspects of life, this link is easy to spot – parents are not in top performance form when they are sleep deprived due to their family sleep challenges. Tiredness is a straight line to lowered creativity and productivity - and increased irritability. After a while all week feels like that 8:00am meeting on Monday.

Sleep Story can be at your service with a tailored offer for your employees who seek support in the child sleep department. In a relaxed atmosphere I educate on healthy sleep foundations and talk about the most common issues and solutions. Group talk, one-to-one sessions, follow up support - let's chat about the details.