About me

Hi! Thank you for popping in to find out more about me. My name is Magda Kedzierska-Teague and I'm a Child Sleep Consultant based in Donabate, a lovely coastal town in North County Dublin in Ireland. I've been certified by the Family Sleep Institute, after dedicating over 250 hours to complete their most comprehensive, evidence-based programme within the field. There’s so much more to good sleep than a method and a schedule, hence their 360 approach, which I fell in love with and adopted: my training included lactation, sleep safety, child behaviours, special needs and sleep disorders. I want you to know that you are in good hands!

How did I get here? I’ve been where you are. Overwhelmed by sleep deprivation, lost in the abundance of sleep advice, surprised that nobody prepared me for what was coming. I reached out for professional help and that choice was a game changer. A life changer, actually!

I’m now myself helping families get out of the survival mode when their sleep story goes through a difficult chapter. No judgement, just a helping hand. My mission is to empower parents by explaining exactly how sleep works, every step of the way. With my guidance you can find your way and your pace to stay consistent and focused on your goals.  I connect with the families, create personalised plans and support them on their road to better sleep.

Fancy getting to know a bit more about me before getting in touch? Here's a blog with 10 things I’d tell a new parent friend about me. Also, every now and then I go live on Facebook, here is where you can see me saying "Hi!".

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you,