"Magda (...) completely changed our family.”

“Magda and her training completely changed our family. We had a good baby, sleeping and napping but she needed to be rocked. This created a bad path which ended up on her waking up during night and the family distressed by all this. Then came Magda. Absolute professional and compassionate, always available, she helped us and in less than couple of days our daughter was falling asleep alone and sleeping 11-12 hours straight. I couldn’t recommend her more! Thanks Magda!"

Federica and Matteo, Parents of Mia (18 months)

"I know I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this alone or with a book.”

“We can't say enough about how amazing Magda was to work with. Our little boy was 8 months old at the start, breast feeding to sleep and co-sleeping with up to 10 wake ups in the middle of the night to feed. All naps were also either on me or in the car or buggy. I was really keen to give him the skills and confidence to sleep alone in preparation for crèche in a few months. I was more concerned with naps and hadn't really planned to transition him into his room overnight but with Magda's gentle encouragement (I'd probably say it's closer to cheer leading) we transitioned into his own room first to one and then to no feeds overnight. Flynn adapted like a champ, and Magda was on hand to troubleshoot any issues along the way. I had a few wobbles along the way and I am in awe of how Magda struck the balance between giving me gentle permission to take things at our own pace, while also gentle encouraging on. To my complete shock we now have a nearly 9 month old who goes happily to bed at 7pm and sleeps through 12 hours with little to no stirring. I completely know I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this alone or with a book. Magda was amazing!”

Anne Marie and John, Parents of Max and Flynn (8 months)

"Magda had such a caring and understanding approach..."

“Working with Magda has literally changed our lives as a family. Once upon a time Oscar struggled with waking every 2 hours, sometimes hourly during the night.  He woke from all sleeps crying.  His day naps were hit and miss and I constantly worried he was not getting enough rest for his age. Oh and the dreaded early wake! Yes, we had that too!

Magda had such a caring and understanding approach to our situation and was extremely supportive throughout the whole programme. I struggled to believe some of Magda's methods would work, however once I followed her advice step by step everything fell into place.  Oscar now sleeps throughout the night and has two very restful naps a day...in his own room!  He is so much happier in himself since getting the help we needed from Magda. He now greets us with a big smile after every sleep which is an amazing sight!

Magda has helped us build our confidence as parents to become more in tune with our son's sleep needs. Thank you Magda, you're amazing!!!”

Karen, Mum of Oscar (8 months)

"I’m learning so much about my baby through doing this – it is priceless!"

“We’ve just had a fabulous night and I feel so refreshed! Also very optimistic seeing Róisín extending her naps and being comfortable putting herself to sleep. Not having to spend ages rocking her to sleep has been amazing!

Generally having your guidelines has helped so much. It's taken a lot of the confusion out of the very confusing process. I feel like I’m learning so much about my baby through doing this – it is priceless!”

Michela, Mum of Róisín (5 months)

"It was your guidance and daily support which made the difference this time."

“Thank you so much for your advice and support in getting our daughter to sleep through the night. After months of getting up in the night it feels amazing to be getting a good sleep every night. The solution was much easier than we imagined, we just wish we’d contacted you sooner! Using the techniques you provided has made an enormous difference to our lives, we now get a good sleep every night and regular long naps in the daytime too. Before we got in touch we had tried a few ways we’d read about online, but it was your guidance and daily support which made the difference this time. Thank you!”

Karen and Chris, Parents of Rosalie (14 months)