Do I need “sleep training” at all?

One of the misconceptions about sleep consultants is that we think our way is the only way. Ask yourself: Is every single person in my family (children and adults alike) rested and happy about our sleep arrangements? If the answer is yes – what you have works for you, however many people sleep in your bed, when and how. Kudos!

However, if anyone in you family is not getting enough sleep (again, your children and/or you) and your frustration or other negative feelings about your family sleep set up keeps growing and affecting family relationships – I just want you to know that change is absolutely possible. That’s all.

It’s not for everybody. Just like breastfeeding or bottle feeding, staying at home or sending kids to the creche full time. But it might be for you.

When kids sleep well, they thrive. When we sleep well, we are healthier, happier and more available for our kids. It’s a beautiful goal worth aiming at.